Adding new digital currencies such as BCH

Seems like selecting a currency denomination for an account is restricted to what is in the list of currencies. I suppose that this feature can reduce mistakes such as specifying a currency that does not exist such as British Krona.

From time to time, seems a new digital currency debuts. What if we want to specify some new currency. Actually, I want to specify Bitcoin Cash (BCH), but BCH is not on the list. I just converted all my Bitcoin Core (BTC) to BCH. But how should I enter it properly when I cannot specify BCH?

Maybe you will eventually add BCH to the list? Do you have a way that I can override the list to specify BCH? Can I add to the list?

Or if I have to wait until you eventually add BCH, can you recommend how I should treat BCH transactions?

Currently the list of currencies in Manager is hard-coded which I now think was a mistake to do. I’m planning to fix this issue by allowing user-defined currencies in upcoming months .


I think criticisms and praises of software should mean more when the user has used the software for longer. Early criticisms can stem from the software being new and unfamiliar. Natural for a user to be frustrated trying to do things the same way as in previous software. Criticisms can stem from other reasons unrelated to the design and quality of the software. Likewise for praises which can stem from software newness and hopes and other reasons. Maybe a new user praising software has yet to run into the real problems.

Considering that I have been using Manager for about a year and a half, I feel I am not such a new user. And I really like using Manager for my bookkeeping. I enter all my transactions so much faster than with previous software. The overall design of Manager shows a lot of thoughtfulness. I could do everything I need to do with the free desktop version. But I subscribe to the cloud edition because I think your software deserves support through subscriptions.

I think your adding allowance for user-defined currencies is a great idea. Overall, I see that the Manager team embrace continuous improvement.

Maybe you can comment what you think about what I am doing in the meantime. In the meantime, I have as bank account types: A Bitcoin Core account, a Dollar account, and a Bitcoin Cash account. The Dollar account is set to US Dollars, of course. Both the Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash accounts are set to Bit Coin. When I change Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash, I use the inter Account Transfers and go through the Dollar Account. The reason I am going through a Dollar account is that (as far as I can see) Coinbase does not provide a way to go directly from Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin Cash. To convert Bitcoin Core to Bitcoin Cash, I sell the Bitcoin Core into Dollars, then buy Bitcoin Cash (all the extra transactions are to Coinbase’s profit, of course).

I am getting the right amounts to show in Manager because I enter the exact dollars and Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash amounts.

If there would be a way to go directly between two digital currencies, I suppose I would set Bitcoin Cash (which is not selectable) to any other currency. Then when Bitcoin Cash does become selectable in Manager, I can update the account.

So, the two workarounds are (1) Going through a dollar denominated account and setting both Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin cash to Bitcoin denomination or (2) Setting Bitcoin Cash to any denomination.

Would you say these are good workarounds? Or can you foresee some difficulty into which I could be headed.

any update about custom currency?

we are doing business in iran
their official currency is Riyal but can we add currency symbol ??

Custom currencies have been implemented in the latest version (20.2.35)