Pin page header slider

Pin the page header bar while scrolling down on all forms
Invoice Sales - Quotation - Purchase requisition - Purchase order
For example reports
ReportsAge schedule of accounts payable
Reports Inventory Value Summary Inventory Value Summary ⁠— Display

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@alwakeel, when you view a report, you are viewing a completed document, not a database.

The thing is happening regarding the other views/use cases also.

If you dig to a customer far down, the you have to scroll up to access other areas, this is happening all the time.

It has become an unhealthy robotic behaviour for Manager users. So depending the use case, this may lead to tenditis for the had using the mouse (I’ve seen this). Also it’s super annoying to always scroll up if you’ve looked the bottom and want to go somewhere alse.

It’s happening to all areas of manager.

Side bar and the top of the screen should be fixxed.

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scroll headers

This is what I mean, as well as sales force and reports when scrolling to the bottom of the pages disappears and must be installed to see what the columns contain


I vote with a big conditional yes to this proposal. While I agree that the headers and side nav should be fixed in place but that would require a total revamp of the layout in order for it to count as an overall improvement.

Things I’d consider myself are:

  • Scroll behavior of side nav: would it have its own scroll bar or would it scroll with the rest of the page but stop scrolling once the side nav bottoms out and then it’s fixed while the the rest of the page scrolls?

  • The whole layout of the page needs to be simplified and many containers need to be dropped. Otherwise the fixed headers and side nav will not “look and feel” like they’re supposed to be fixed. What I mean is that the side nav should be the leftmost thing and the headers should be the topmost thing after the main nav with no gaps or margins. I’m thinking of something in this ballpark:

  • Also, many other elements will have to be thought over either be dropped or merged or redesigned to fit the new layout in order to maximize the screen real estate and simplify the new layout since we’re going to have more elements displayed at once after fixing the nav and headers.

    Elements like the business name banner, the expand/collapse side nav and the eye thingy, the backup and history button placements, the recurring banners, summary banners, the breadcrumbs, main content heading, search bar, context buttons etc.

    Some of these are redundant like the main content heading and breadcrumbs – the breadcrumbs can do both jobs. Others like the business name banner, the name can go in place of “Businesses” button and the rename function can be moved to business screen and settings. But there’s still a lot of other elements to be thought over.

My pov on this is yes, the headers need to be fixed in place, but it shouldn’t be done hastily since what we have right now is an intuitive layout that will need some serious modifications just to be able to fix the headers and side nav.

In fact, I remember bringing up a similar request a couple of years ago but I’d rather wait until all other related layout issues are well though over by the developer so that we don’t end up with a worse layout than we started with.

On a side note, the comments of and @164Morhf are flagged – apparently by mistake, so they should be unflagged either by the user or by a mod.

On another side note

@AntonisV I’m not saying that that’s not a problem. It is a problem, but it can be made less worse by using Ctrl+Home and/or Ctrl+End would help a lot with this. Also, using browser search is a life saver for large webpages.


No mistake. They did not follow the rules of the forum; they should have used the “Like” function.