Pending Dues

Hello, I came in 3 months late into accounting with Manager. My accounts are a bit all over the place but I have tried sorting most of them out. My question is, How do I add pending dues without making it a Purchase. (I don’t mind if purchase is the only way but it should come without being able to add inventory items.

For example: I have already Purchased goods from a supplier but since my previous accounts are not up to date… I have added my stocklist as to what is available at the store right now (counting them manually). But I do have pending payments to the supplier. How can I go about this?

P.s I do understand when I make purchases from supplier’s here on I would go under “Purchase Invoice” and add the goods purchased accordingly

Set a start date for Manager. If you owe suppliers, you have accounts payable, so must enter those via purchase invoices, which can pre-date the start date. But if your overall accounting traffic has been fairly small, it might be easier to go back and recreate the full history of your first three months.

Assuming that you are using the Suppliers Tab, can’t you enter an opening balance (pending due) for a supplier when setting them up. You could use their last statement if your own records aren’t available.

You cannot do that. Any opening balance would be an account payable, which can only be created by entering purchase invoices. So those unpaid purchase invoices which predate your start date must be individually entered. Only then will you be able to properly assign payments when you make them.

There is too much stress of work and finding information for the last 3 months. I tried adding everyone I owe under liability and using spend money via bank accounts as cheque provided. Should that be fine?

Are you saying you created a new liability account and put everything you owed to suppliers into it? If that is what you did, you did unnecessary work, because all you were doing was creating a separate accounts payable account. Since you had to enter the amounts owed anyway, you could have entered them as purchase invoices, which would add them to the automatic Accounts payable account. Then you would be able to allocate payments directly to the specific customer and invoice.

If I understand what you did, it was financially equivalent, but you made more work and lost information and ability to use convenient features.

The simplest way if you can’t post original documents would be to just process your bank statements, that would be three documents assuming one per month, then pick up other information such as pending due as you have done or as @tut has suggested (which is preferable).

For any supplier payments on the bank statements, just put them to P &L Purchases so that avoids inventory, but at some point you will need to do a stocktake with valuations and then do an entry which adjusts the Inventory Account balance - refer to the guides for this,

It would appear that you don’t deal in account sales (debtors/accounts receivable) otherwise you would be in the same situation as pending dues.

What is of concern is your comment " finding information for the last 3 months". that is not a long time and would indicate that perhaps your filing of documentation is not what it should be. E.g. When you process/pay a supplier, their invoice should be filed in a lever arch file with A-Z indexing, that allows them all to be in one location. Depending on the your businesses activities, other items such as bank statements could also be filed there or in other lever arch files.

Can I suggest that If stress of work is such that the administration side is not quite up to scratch, then an economical solution is to engage a senior high school student (possibly doing bookkeeping) or a stay at home mum for a hour or two each week/month - you will be amazed at how this little bit of support can change the functioning of your whole business.