Accounts Payable/end of financial period

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Hopefully I can get this right. Just incorporating my old accounting package into Manager, but have struck a problem. After a few days “looking” have come to the forum for help.
How do I bring forward Accounts Payable ( 2 suppliers only) into the new accounting period. I have activated suppliers.
When I paid the suppliersprovided invoice pre annual balance it was charged to an expense account - Purchases - general. ( not a specific client account)
I have read all the manuals and topics on the forum that I could find, but alas still don’t have the answer. Any help would be much appreciated. ( What a wonderful user friendly accounting package)

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Did you set a start date and enter pre-start-date purchase invoices for these supplies? This is the relevant Guide: Set starting balances for suppliers | Manager. When you pay them, you need to post the line items on the payment to Accounts payable > Supplier > Invoice. If you pay more than one invoice with a single payment, break it into multiple lines so you can post correct portions to each purchase invoice.

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I had set start date and tried with pre start date invoices, at the moment the total amount for the invoices is in Suspense. ( P&L account now has the correct balance)
Many thanks for that.
Please excuse my ignorance, but where do I find Accounts payable > Supplier > Invoice Is it somewhere in Settings.


You have a bit of familiarization ahead of you. Start reading the Guides: Guides | Manager. Begin with First Steps, move to Structuring Accounts, then jump to Accounts Payable. Read every Guide that seems relevant.

Create yourself a test company to experiment with so you don’t ruin your actual records.

And get everything out of Suspense. Nothing should be there. See Clear transactions in Suspense account | Manager.

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Many thanks for your help. However I still don’t seem to be any further ahead after all the ready and trying. The prob maybe, where do I find
Starting balances exist only if you are transferring an existing business to Manager from another accounting system. In that case, you may need to set starting balances for suppliers with or to whom, on your start date:" As this is what Im trying to do with Accounts Payable. I can find starting balances relative to Balance sheet only.
Hopefully this makes sense. Again, many thanks.

Read this thread it may be of some help:

Accounts payable is a balance sheet account. Make sure you have read and understood the Guides linked to from the first Guide I sent you above. Overall, there is a general Guide on starting balances and a specific Guide on starting balances for suppliers in Accounts payable. You need the information in both.

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I think I had the A/P correct all along, but was expecting a different result.
My P&L account for the current financial year, includes 2 payments which relate to 2 suppliers from the previous financial year, so I was thinking (wrongly) that the entries using Accounts payable would somehow correct the P & L account. So as Im not an accountant Im not sure how to rectify the payment made in this financial year but belonging to a debt from the previous financial year.
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I believe what may be confusing you now is the difference between cash and accrual based accounting. Manager’s default is accrual, which recognizes income when earned and expenses in the period when the income they apply to is earned. So paying a purchase invoice in the current period that was originally entered in a previous period has no impact on the profit and loss statement, only on the balance sheet. You have not incurred an expense this period, you have only reduced a liability by applying an asset (the money). See Choose between accrual or cash basis accounting | Manager.

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Many thanks for your help, much appreciated. All sorted.