How to account for creditors?

I run a small club that at year end will have some unpaid cheques relating to the current year. I create a purchase invoice for each cheque I issue. But can remain I cashed for some time and may not be cashed by year end.

I want to show the purchase order in the P&L of the current year even if the payment is made the following year.

I have found that if I make a receipt with a pending status the bank reconciliation does not reconcile since the postings stop this happening.

My question relates to how best to report these on the balance sheet and carry them over to a following year in the most appropriate accounting way in Manager.

Is there a simple guide on how to handle the debtors and creditors problems?

This is not technically correct. Your purchase invoices should be created in response to a sales invoice received from a supplier. Now, that may be simultaneous with your writing a cheque. But the cheque is a separate transaction.

When you enter the cheque, mark it as Pending. Read this Guide: Track cleared and pending status of bank transactions | Manager.

Purchase orders have no financial impact. I think you mean purchase invoices. And if you are using accrual accounting, what you describe is exactly what will happen.

You need to provide more information.

There are many on different aspects. Read them at Guides | Manager,

Then under Summary tab - Set Period select “Accrual” basis instead of Cash Basis.