PDF or Print Button on invoices list screen

Is it possible to add print or pdf button on invoices list screen? after adding “edit columns”, it will be very useful if you can add option to for print or pdf.

Currently if we need to take print or PDF, we have to open every invoice to do it.

update: i forgor to mention, batch view options is working but invoice layouts are not showing accurate(i am using custom themes)
we i want invoice with exact same layout, batch view option is not much use.

This will not be possible as the view screen is the one that gets printed, The built-in PDF generator has been made obsolete quite some time ago and thus a PDF button would not be made available as it is recommended to use Print Screen (save to PDF).

You can print / save to PDF multiple invoices at a time using Batch View. It is best to first “filter, i.e. search” for the records that need batch printing to limit their number to only those you need.