PDF, Mail, OCR & Automation


  1. From the Menu Invoice I export certain invoices by making use of the PDF button. However after hitting the button it automatically opens. How can I disable such. I only want it to export, not open anything.

  2. Per customer I want to mail their invoice(s) for let’s say a certain period (month March as an example). Despite that I also want to add certain text to each customer individually.

a. I gather all invoices from 4 different customers from the month March, b. and have 4 different writings as an email to send. This will result in 4 emails (customers), having all associated invoices attached per customer with their own unique writing (template).

  1. Does the system support reading invoices (OCR)? If yes, does it also supports automatic readiness for payment?

  2. I want to automate as much as possible; simply saves me time (so money). How does Manager fits in?


In the future, please limit your posts to a single topic. That way, other users will know whether they are interested and can help.

To provide answers to your numbered questions:

  1. You cannot change this in Manager.

  2. You can only email one invoice at a time. (I assume you meant email, not mail.) You cannot “gather” multiple emails, either from one customer or many.

  3. No. Once an invoice is entered, however, there is a button—either New receipt or New payment, depending on whether the invoice is a sales invoice or purchase invoice—when viewing it that will create a receipt or payment.

  4. This is an extremely broad question. The answer depends on what you are trying to automate.