PDF generation issue

Hi guys,

Strange thing just happened. Just now when I try to generate PDF for sales invoice, the issue occurred with following information:

DocumentSaveException: Apitron.PDF.Kit.ErrorHandling.DocumentSaveException: Exception of type ‘Apitron.PDF.Kit.ErrorHandling.DocumentSaveException’ was thrown.
at Apitron.PDF.Kit.FlowDocument.Write (System.IO.Stream outputStream, Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.Resources.ResourceManager resourceManager, Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.PageProperties.PageBoundary boundary, Apitron.PDF.Kit.PdfStandard pdfStandard) [0x0008d] in :0
at ManagerServer.PdfConverter.ConvertHtmlToPdf (System.String input, System.IO.Stream output, Apitron.PDF.Kit.FixedLayout.PageProperties.PageBoundary pageBoundary) [0x004e6] in :0
at ManagerServer.HttpHandlers.Pdf.Post () [0x0015b] in :0

Could you help?

What edition? What operating system? What version?

Server edition 17.3.20 on Ubuntu 16.04.


I cannot generate PDF’s either.

I downloaded the app today to ensure I have the latest version.

Please help, I don’t want to give up on this programme.

What operating system?

Windows 10.

Also I cannot email from the app either

I have the same issue of not being able to bring up the PDF with almost the same message as above. I’m in Version 17.7.6 of the desktop version. I cannot, as well, email or print and save a two-page invoice or any other two-page document.
I’m on a Mac.
Any ideas how to fix this?

The current version of Manager is 17.7.47. So the first thing to try is to download and install the latest version.

If you have created a your own theme, you may have used code that the PDF converter can not handle. The PDF converter may also fail if you specify a font or special characters that it can not handle.

Describe exactly what you are doing, click by click. Show screen shots of the interim results. Without more detailed information, this could be almost anything.