PDF file creation with bug format

The column width is bug format when creat PDF files. Shall you help to solve it in shortly?

Lubos,shall you help to check?

@henry, it looks like you are using a custom theme. If so, you are responsible for its performance. Do you have any problem with built-in themes?

I always use custom theme which is edited from built-in themes. Column width related code should be same

The issue is the problem occurred some times and then turn to normal

You did not answer my question. Does the problem occur with a built-in theme?

It does for me

Usually it looks like this

The bug is not always appears, but lately it happen often enough.

I cannot reproduce this. What version are you using,@rifrish?

The bugs is happening in Manager v18.12.23 server (windows).

I need to restart the manager each time the bugs is showing up. I wish there is some error code, but there is none.

Are you using a custom theme in your first screen shot? It looks like you are. If so, switch to a built-in theme and see if the problem persists. If the problem goes away, the fault is with your custom theme code. You are responsible for troubleshooting that.

The screenshot that i provide is the built-in theme, i never use custom theme before.

The first and the second screenshot is the same “Statement” file. You can see the data inside the table are the same.

Since the two screenshots are so different, how were they produced? The fact they contain the same data is meaningless. Transactions displayed with different themes or by different versions of the program would all contain the same data.

The point I am making is that diagnosis of problems is impossible if we do not know what we are looking at. You say, “Usually it looks like this.” Obviously, you were able to produce that screenshot. How? And how did you produce the faulty one? What did you do differently in each case?

Ok. I’m sorry if i’m not clear enough, since my ability in english is limited.

But, first…

  1. Both of the screenshot were the same “Statement” file.
  2. It produced in the same version of manager with same built-in theme (Plain) as PDF.

The PDF generated from “Report -> Customer Statement (Unpaid Invoices) -> View (one of the customer) -> PDF”

When manager is freshly started the PDF will comes out fine. But after a while or multiply PDF has been generated. Let’s just say its 5 times. The generated PDF started to comes out faulty. To solve my problem i need to restart the manager each time the generated PDF comes out fault.

Its so random that i did not recognize any pattern to reproduce the bug.

Will update about the bug if i find something…

Your last post contains good information. This sounds like the opposite of a problem that occurred several months ago. In that case, the first PDF after launching Manager was bad. But later ones were good. I have put this topic into the bugs category. I will invite @lubos into the discussion so he sees it.


  1. Is this happening across all customers or just one particular?
  2. Is this happening across different businesses or just this one?
  3. What is your operating system? Also Windows?

At this point, I’m unable to reproduce this issue. Perhaps you could send me your backup file to lubos@manager.io. If I can reproduce it, then it can be fixed but for now I’m going to remove it from bugs category as it cannot be reproduced.