PDF button - Sales Quote Tab

Everything works except that the bottom part usually changes when I open it in a Safari browser (it looks disorganised…)

While if I use my computer (desktop)…

It looked normal (three liners), it looks better like this:

I cannot find the solution in the guides nor in the forum.

I tried to use several themes, I also have tested if I remove custom fields , update business details, type fewer lines in the Description field.

I do not stay in the office at all times for me to use the Chrome browser in the pc.

Is this normal? Or probably it’s just my own safari browser that does these things? (I also used the pdf button in a Chrome browser in my iPadPro, same thing happens but in Chrome Browser in the pc, it looks better)

Another thing, a single page can be a 2 page pdf if in Safari browser using iPadPro.

Version of Manager used : cloud

Thanks for the answers.

I don’t think clicking on PDF button should make a difference regardless of web-browser. Could you send me both PDFs to lubos@manager.io ? I will have a look.