PDF Attachments

Windows desktop version

Is there any reason PDF files cannot be attached to payments?
Most invoices/receipts, etc are in PDF.

How did you attempt to attach them?

You should also update your software.

Image, Choose File.
Are there other ways to attach a PDF to a payment?

In version, click on Payments tab, click on View Payments and then clcik on New Attachment

That works. Thanks.
So I have to create the entry, then view it to attach a PDF. Two steps.
That’s terrible UX/UI flow. Why not allow the attachment in the initial creation of the payment?

A PDF of a document could be many pages. You cannot attach that as an image. Attaching other types of images on the Edit page works just fine.

That is how it has been working for many years. @Lubos only recently introduced image attachments in edit screens. The problem is that this image attachment of the edit screen does not show in the view screen. As such it can not be emailed or downloaded nor can you see when clicking on the tab to show a list of for example invoices or receipts if they have an image attached in the edit screen. The image can only be deleted from the edit screen using the dustbin icon. It was not meant to provide evidence of payments, receipts, etc. but to illustrate a line item.

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