Payslips Batch Create

When creating large volume of payslips, the only logical option is batch create.

I tried using batch create, and I was able to create the payslips, but the payslips aren’t link to defined employees ; even though I used exactly the same names.


I will be thankful for the assistance in this matter.

I don’t think you can use the names - you need the hexadecimal key for each employee

In a future version, there is talk about using names instead of hexadecimal keys but that’s a future version

Where are you importing the payslips from?

If it is from a payroll software system, why not just import the totals each payroll period to the various expense and liability accounts and not duplicate the payroll data from the payroll system into your accounting system?

I don’t have any payroll software.

In Payslips tab, I selected Batch Create option as per the photo:

Then I copied to Excel, Fill, Import back to MANAGER.

If you create a payslip in Manager and then click on Batch Update you will see that hexadecimal keys are required for a number of fields

I am using Batch Create in other transactions and no hexadecimal keys are required.

After all, Batch Update should require hexadecimal keys not Batch Create

They are required wherever an account involves subsidiary ledgers, as the Employee clearing account does. So for payslips, they are necessary.

Well, that’s not how things are, regardless of what you think should happen.

The hexadecimal keys are not needed to create the actual payslip records but are needed as a key to the employee records so that the payslip can be linked to an employee

At least, that’s my understanding of the process

If you do a batch update of the employee records, you will see the hexadecimal code associated with each employee

My understanding now is that the first payslip of a new employee should be generated manually using Manager, then use Batch Update to get hexadecimal keys of that employee!!!

The above senario is workable, but there is another problem faced me doing so; when using Batch Update and coping data to excel file, I found the column of employee name contain hexadecimal keys instead of employee name.

I find it frustrating to go and manually identify each employee by hexadecimal keys, the best is to have both employee name and hexadecimal keys.

@Drew_Mike, it was already explained to you that use of plain language has been promised for the future. Everyone knows it is currently frustrating. If you search the forum before starting new topics, you will discover most issues have been asked and answered previously, including this one (many times).

In the case of batch operations, the feature was recently expanded to include almost all functional tabs. This previously was not an issue, but became one as part of framework improvements undertaken over the past few months. The process when subsidiary ledgers are involved is currently tedious, but that is temporary.

@Tut @Joe91 thank you for your reply.