Payslip question

Hi Tut,
I’ve got this all setup pretty well now.
I have one more question about payslips.
When you make a payslip, you have to mark it as payment sent after its created, which is fine, but there is no indicator or colour box to say the payment has been made. If I have to look back and make sure someone got paid, or create a payslip that needs to be paid later, is there a way to tell? Thanks guys. Very powerful program.

@Rugerjim, please do not divert topics with unrelated questions. This one had nothing to do with dropdown menus for line items or default headings. When you do this, people who can help may not read your post. This question has been moved to a new topic.

I don’t know what you are referring to, @Rugerjim. You don’t mark payslip status anywhere. And you don’t “pay” payslips. Payslips create liabilities in the Employee clearing account. You pay employees what you owe them there. See the Guide: