Payslip (contribution)

Is it possible to contribution to be the same as earning to show gross pay and net to pay, some times we do not pay complete amount of fund or also employees some times do not take their vacation in full.

Sorry, I’m not really sure what you mean by this. Can you show screenshot of some sample payslip to explain better?

Thanks for your reply,
I mean when an employee has accumulated vacation 60 days equals 2000 and compensation 30 days equals 1000.
Employee took from his vacation 30 days equals 1000 and took from his compensation 15 days equals 500.
Balance for employee vacation 30 days 1000 Balance for employee compensation 15 days 500
My question is when manager do deduction for vacation and compensation (Is it possible to do that from contribution not from earning?)
Also is it possible in deduction and contribution to add more columns days / wages per day / total?



When an employee accumulates that vacation (2000) and compensation (1000) are these values recorded in your accounts as BS Liabilities

If yes, then when you pay the employee - Create new Payslip Earning Items called Vacation and Contribution and use for the Account the BS Liabilities account.

Then when these items are selected on the payslip, these values will be deducted from the BS Liabilities account and wont affect the earnings

Under Settings - Custom Fields - Payslip you can create more columns

Thanks for details, is it possible to send a screen shoot? After paid part of vacation and compensation to the employee , can manager display remaining balance (compensation and vacation) for employee?

Manager is not able to track employee entitlements yet.

Ok, but there is one correction to the above suggested model. The Settings - Payslip Items - Payslip Earnings Items don’t allow the use of Balance Sheet accounts in their creation so one can’t use Payslips to pay accrued Contributions directly, but that can be resolved.

First, are the contributions and their balances set up under the BS Liabilities

Then in lieu of creating a Payslip - use Spend Money

This will update the BS Liabilities Contributions accounts

And drilling down on the accounts could be used as a type of sort on employees.

@lubos - why can’t Payslip Earning Items be created to make payslip payments from BS employment provision accounts, such as Annual Leave/Vacation, Long Service Leave etc

Dear All,
Thank you very much, point is clear.
Regarding payslip employee entitlements are we expecting it in the nearest future?