Payments & Receipts have new fields - is there a guide?

I just noticed both payments have receipts have new fields. See attached screenshot. I am on the cloud version,

What is the significance of the multiple dropdowns? One is for customer, one is for supplier, and I can also select if the contract is other / customer / supplier.

That change occurred long ago and is covered by relevant Guides.

I use manager daily and this just appeared today. I am using the paid cloud version. Can you guys start announcing changes via some channel? I feel this program changes frequently and without notice. There are better ways to handle change when you manage SAAS for paying customers.

Why are there two drop downs for both supplier and customer selectable simultaneously? How can both a customer and supplier be selected on the same payment / receipt? This seems like a bug. @lubos is this correct?

EDIT: Confirmed bug… Customer, supplier and other can all be filled in simultaneously. Depending on which option is selected in the contact dropdown, the corresponding field is shown on the transaction. However, I am sure only the relevant field should be visible depending on what is selected, instead of all 3 at once.

@tut if you took the time to check the screenshot I provided, you would note these three fields should not be visible at the same time. This is a bug.

Well, @whereskarlo, I did check things before responding. What I did not notice is that the cloud edition currently appears to be two releases ahead of the desktop edition, which is still at v22.8.23.321. The issue does not appear in that version. Usually, a version lag is the result of time delays in Apple’s software certification process. Now that you have called it to my attention, I have reviewed v22.8.23.323 in the cloud edition. I am moving this to bugs.

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yes I have the same problem with Manager v22.8.23.321 Server Edition Ubuntu 20.04 and it is confusing the staff a lot and should be fixed asap as they do no longer know what to select. This is a major bug.

I can confirm that on the cloud edition, it has now been fixed as of v22.8.23.324

Nice for those on cloud edition, ours is not resolved while critically confusing. It is good that this is categorized as bug, what I do not understand that if a fix already exists that other users do not get this fix at the same time.

Fixed in the latest version (

Thank you.