Payments cleared date

Hi to all. I created new business for new calendar year.
Our previous has a button how we can clear dates on Payments tab. Please see below:

But on the new business created, there was no options for that. Please help how can I edit as this affects the bank reconciliation

Are you sure you have setup BPI - Peso as a bank account and not a cash account?

Cash accounts do not have Clearance status

Why are you setting up a new business for the new year - that is the wrong way to use Manager

See here Close an accounting period | Manager

How can I edit the bank if it is Bank or Cash account? As per checking, this is now combined. Or is there any way?

That was my idea also as it would be more prone to errors when transferring book and a lot more of set up but it was just instructed to us. Thanks for this reference

Your account is setup not to allow pending transactions - so no clearance status is available

This is all clearly explained in the guide Set up a bank or cash account | Manager

PLease read the guides BEFORE posing a question