Payment type not showing on paid invoice


I have just generated an invoice for a customer and he paid via Paypal. There are 2 things I am not understanding.

On the invoice which now shows as “PAID IN FULL”, there is no mention of the “Paid via Paypal” But I added on the receipt a custom field called : “Payment type” and wrote inside the box “Paid via Paypal”.

The second issue I see is that on the invoices, the V.A.T shows up but not on the receipt, is the receipt just for me and I send a copy of the invoices with the “PAID IN FULL” as a receipt?

Thank you.

The custom field on the receipt does not get transferred to the sales invoice, so the note “Paid via Paypal” will not appear on the invoice.

The VAT will not appear on the receipt as it is linked to to the invoice and not the receipt. VAT will only appear on a receipt if it is a cash sale

You can send a copy of the receipt to the customer or a copy of the invoice with the Paid in Full

Hi Joe,

Thanks but if I send the “PAID IN FULL” invoice to the client, how will he remember he paid this invoice via Paypal? All the invoices I receive from other suppliers always show how I paid them(bank transfer, paypal and so on…)

Thank you

The invoice which has paid in Full shows the date and reference of the receipt, so you could indicate in the reference PayPal
For example
shows the information from the Receipt transaction

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Put the payment method in the description for the receipt if you want.

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Thanks, yes this worked well!