Payment Private bank account

I am new, coming from gnucash.
I noticed manager works quite different.

I have to do a transaction for a business payment i paid with a private account (no invoice).
in Payment i can choose only the 2 control account i made (bank revolut and kas)

How should i best proceed because i want also to track private storting and private opname (part of equity account)

So cost for office supplies should increase by x (debet)
and Te vorderen BTW (tax) hoog should increase by 21% (debet)
And equity/private storting should increase by x+tax (credit)

Should i make control account private?
Easiest is booked it as a kas payment but that doesnt reflect the real situation.

Based on what? because you also state:

No invoice, no VAT (Btw) to deduct…

Which method do you use, accrual or cash?

Based on receipt you get at payment at the cash register. (no need to be on name as it is allowed for small amounts.)

I use cash basis accounting.