Payment of Customer invoices

I couldn’t find any other posts answering my problem so…

I run credit accounts for customers, Monthly I summarize the written accounts and generate a customer invoice for the total amount. The invoices go to an income account called “sales on Credit”.

The problem I have is that when customers pay the use either Eftpos or Cheque to pay.
Eftpos transactions for the day are credited to my bank as a single lump sum, Cheques are deposited and processed in bulk by my bank so for both payment methods I have no way to separate out the invoice payment.

If I generate a manual receipt transaction I can only select my Bank account as the receiving account. This then messes up my reconcile for the account so I guess that way is wrong.

How can I get payments recorded so that the invoice is credited?

When you record the payment, use the Accounts receivable / Customer to post the payment to the Customer account

Use the same customer account you used when you created the invoice

I presume you create an invoice for the amounts owed and not just a cash receipt

you can separate the payments by line items in a single transaction.
enter each customer invoice amount as a separate line selecting their respective Accounts receivable account.
the total of all line item amounts will equal the lump sum transaction in your actual bank account.

Hi, yes I do that and it seems to work i.e. the amount is deducted from the customers invoice amount.

The account I am talking about is the 1st drop down box in the payment window - I can only receive payment into existing accounts (Business account or cash). If I use one of those I will be recording the payment twice i.e. once when I receive the lump sum Eftpos payment and once as a manual payment entry.

Hi, Are you saying that I should edit the automatic lump sum Eftpos payment into my bank, to add a line for the account payment (would mean manually subtracting the amount in the line from the original transaction amount)?

I can see that working, but it’s a lot more work than I would like to do. I am really hoping there is a less time consuming way.

Actually I just looked into it a bit more and what you suggest is probably the only way. Doing that would also mean I would select the business account in the payment window and it would actually work (not double enter the payment into my bank transactions). I am going to try setting it up now and will get back to you guys on this.

if Customer A has a balance 1000 and Customer B has a balance 500, and the Eftpos lump sum is 1500, you simply need to add two lines in the receipt each for Customer A and Customer B with their respective Accounts receivable account selected. the line amounts 1000 and 500 will add up to your lump sum 1500 which is exactly what shows in your actual bank statement.

make sure you are not adding any line items with negative amounts. you simply add relevant line items which would add up to the total lump sum amount.


Thanks. Got it sorted, I got fancy and used a calculation in the original Eftpos amount to reduce the total back to the original amount of the transaction.