Payment Advice cut away

Where and how do I use the Payment Advice cut away - provided in the settings TAB.

This puts a cut-off advice “coupon” on your sales invoices for customers to mail in their payments. Try it out on an invoice. You can disable it if you don’t want it.

Where is this option? I cannot find it. (I’ve seen the nifty payment coupon in the screenshots on the Manager website, but I always assumed this was an old feature that is no longer available.)

@jon, I think you are right. I hadn’t looked at my Settings options recently, and it no longer shows up. @ramadugula, I suppose that means I gave you incorrect advice, which should work if you are still using an old version of Manager. But you should update at the main web page. It’s free.

Hi, Im currently using a desktop version of the software. I seen the payment advice cut-away feature in a youtube video overview of the software but when I checked my version, I couldn’t find it. Its fairly important feature for me as I need to provide customers with payment details.

Do you think there is a way around this current issue?

That feature was removed from the program about a year ago. Your business information should go in Business Details under Settings.

Thanks very much for the quick response and suggestion although I don’t think its a feasible alternative. My company needs to provide payment details to customers such as bank account name, sort code and IBAN number. I am surprised that others are able to send invoices without providing similar information.

Thanks anyway

You can put those information in Notes field when creating sales invoice.

Thanks also for the quick response and help! Yes, your suggestion is a good one and works! That will help me tremendously. The program is fantastic. What would top it off for me would be the ability to create & automate customer letters / invoice reminders.
Hopefully it’s something that could be developed in the future.

Thanks again

Don’t expect Manager to become an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) tool, @MarkJMcA. Many people choose it because it is lean. Once you depart from accounting and add all those other capabilities, bloat sets in. If you want to be able to create letters, you need a word processor. Once you start down that path, everyone will want some additional feature. Pretty soon, you end up with Word.

So I am a strong advocate of Manager remaining an accounting tool. Turning it into a CRM or enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool will inevitably reduce its responsiveness to user needs.

As for invoice reminders, you can reprint or email the invoice after the due date is past and a red OVERDUE stamp will appear at the bottom. I believe, if you think about it, it is much better to manage a reluctant customer with a personalized letter or email than an automatically generated form.

Experience has taught me never to expect anything that is outside my control.
I wasn’t actually referring to a CRM application. I too agree that debtors should be managed individually and personally. However to maximise the currently functionality in Manager, I was thinking it would be efficient if there was the ability to type up a letter and attach it in an email along with the customer invoice or statement.

Anyway, thanks for the clarification and insight.

Kind regards, Mark

Another consideration is that Manager-generated emails are currently plain text. HTML has been mentioned as a pending development, but right now, you will get much more professional-looking correspondence with externally generated letters or emails.