Paying commission - How


I would like to sell my services and pay a commission of the sale to whoever forward me a lead.
Some may have a business and be V.A.T registered while others many not, any idea what is the best way to organize this in please?

Thank you.

Commissions are separate transactions from either sales invoices or receipts, because they involve different entities. If the person sends you an invoice, enter it as a purchase invoice. Then pay via a payment. If they don’t send an invoice, just make a payment.

Thank you so much, excellent :slight_smile:

I looked at it today and I think I got it all good with a bit of advice from someone.

1)3 types of commission classifications:
-Paid to Business V.A.T registered(or self employed). in EU but not my EU country
-Paid to Business V.A.T registered(or self employed). in my country(EU).
-Paid to non V.A.T registered people.

-When it is a business and it is established in the EU but outside my country(which is in EU too), the invoice will need to be Zero rated(reversed charge).
-When it is a person not vat registered in EU or outside EU, I will have to send a payment but they will have to send me some kind of receipt
-When it is local(in my country), they will have to add 18% v.a.t to the commission(exclusive and not inclusive) as I will then recover this from the rest of the sale.

I now understand the principle of self invoicing which in a way would sort out all of this. But if I am correct, no EU countries can self invoice without approval from the V.A.T department(I will have to check this one out).

In all case, I understood how to input it into Manager, in fact it is just as you said a “purchase”.