Purchase and sales commission

I am a broker so I have to pay commission as well I received commission on my sales and purchase so how I can manage this in this software.

I pay commission amount to my customer and received commission from my supplier.

Purchase and sales invoice due date and commission due dates are different.

You need to describe a typical transaction for a sale and a purchase. It is very irregular, if not unprecedented, to pay a commission to a customer. So who, exactly, pays what to who and for what?

I pay Commission to my customer blc he has given me order for sale and he is a mediator for my sales.

I received commission on my purchase blc I have given hm a order and there is i m a mediator.

umm… unless your agent or mediator accept credit (easy to track how much you owe them based on percentage or amount for comission payout) then create them as supplier first. if not just create the entry via bank transaction or cash transaction with their names inserted in payee section.

Note: you have to create the expenses account in chart of account via settings.


This is no more information than you provided initially. If you want help, you must furnish the information requested. For example, are your “customers” the end users? Are they sales representatives? Are they buying for themselves or for others? Describe a full transaction scenario.

In this case your “Customer” (given me order for sale) is also your “Supplier” (I pay Commission).
(1) Person A gives you an order for a product/service - $100, so they are a customer.
(2) Person A gets commission for that order - $10, so they are a supplier as they “supplied” you with the order.

So (1) would be a Sales Invoice for $100 and (2) would be a Purchase Invoice for $10.

This would be the reverse of the above. Person B as the supplier receives the order - $100 and Person B as the customer owes you the commission - $10.

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Thanks to all I have got the Solution.:grinning::heart_eyes: