Commission Payable

I want to pay a % commission to the Sales Rep.
How can I get it done during the invoicing
How can I credit the commission amount to a payable account and debit it to an expense account?
The aggregate commissions to be paid end of the month

Basically, you cannot do it during invoicing. The sales invoice creates an obligation for the customer to pay the business. A commission is owed by the business to the sales representative. Different parties require different transactions. The value of the commission must be factored into the price of whatever is sold. You are not going to directly charge your customer for the commission you owe to the sales rep.

If the sales rep is an employee, put the commission on a payslip. Read the Guides in the payroll category. Establish commission as an earnings payslip item.

If the sales reps are outside subcontractors, create them as suppliers and issue purchase invoices based on their documented sales.

At the end of the month, enter a payment, posted to Accounts payable or Employee clearing account, depending on the situation.

Thanks a lot Tut