Payable Time

Can you add a something like reminding called payable time.

For example my customer gave me a commercial paper for payment. In this commercial payment there are date of payment and amount. I don’t know what is it name in your country. Its something like cheque

For example
Commercial paper 1 - date of payment 30/05/2014 amount 200
Commercial paper 2 - date of payment 30/06/2014 amount 200
Commercial paper 3 - date of payment 30/07/2014 amount 200
Commercial paper 4 - date of payment 30/08/2014 amount 200

My customers have to pay when the date of payments come. My all customers work like this. How can we do this in your manager software?

What is it exactly? Can you take this payment order you receive from customer to the bank and get it reimbursed for cash?

It is like cheque. The Differences between; cheque is taken from bank, this commercial paper is sold in markets and stationery :smile:
Yes, sometimes from bank, sometimes we are going to customer with this commercial paper when the date of payments come, and he is paying it to us with cash Money then we are giving this commercial paper back to customer. Think of it is as swap.

My English not so good, sorry for that.