Password Reset on Windows Server

Hello House,

Ok I have installed on my Windows 8 system, I did misplaced the password and tried the steps outlined in the Guide Reset the administrator password

However my own challenge is this, The password file is not in the Application folder. I un-hided hidden files and all of that, yet can’t see the file. Other files are there as described except for the Password file.

Did you try logging in without a password?

Yes I did, it did not work.
Even cleared my browser cache still the issue persisted.

To log into a computer without a password, you can only bypass the login password on your computer.

the discussion is about the use of Manager software and not how to login to a computer.

I’m just answering Tut questions

@Tut was talking about logging into Manager.

@sharpdrivetek If you are talking about the Windows password manager software , why didn’t I see any relevant reports or comments? I see only the Window password reset question of Zion

Its being a while, but do we have any hope of this functionality made possible soon. I’m referring to Password reset/retrieval for users.

Now this is the first time I saw, a password file. Maybe only in windows server.

Still, nothing?

I’m not really sure what’s the issue. password file is in the same folder where all your data is.

I am referring to this issue again because I have the same challenge - I cannot find the password file to delete for password resetting. I have looked into the application folder and it is just not there. My situation is, I stopped using the server edition for a while and started using the desktop edition. But now I want to switch back to the server edition on the same laptop. I have forgotten the password I used earlier on the server edition and I cannot find the password file in the application folder. Is there a workaround this please @lubos

The password file is not in the folder as it used to be now, please check.

You could try

  1. Back up your Manager data file

  2. Completely remove Manager including the server versions and move it’s data folder to another location (eg zip backup). Note the data folder for the server version is in an administrators directory.

  3. Re install Manager server

  4. Hopefully it behaves like a fresh install with the default password

  5. Import your backup data files

Thanks @Patch. I will try that.