Parent Account & Sub Account Control

Good day all,
I have mistakenly open a bank account under “Cash on Hand” and already recorded a several journal vouchers in this account.
Now I need to reclassify it and move under “Cash at Bank” group.
Is it possible to move there with the related JV’s or I should open a new account under the correct group and record same JV’s and delete the old batch?
thanks in advance…

You cannot use journal entries in bank or cash accounts

If you have, then you have not created the bank account correctly

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I mean payment and receipts (not journal entries) another mistake from me…!

You can change the account to a different control account, the entries will not be affected and will still be in the same account

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Thank you,
But how I change the account to a different control account?

If you update to the latest version of Manager, you will find that “Cash on Hand” and “Cash at Bank” have been merged into one group: “Bank and Cash Accounts”.

And there is now almost no difference between a bank or cash account (from the news letter):

  • Bank and cash accounts are now defined in the same way, using the same entry form. A new checkbox option was added, Can have pending transactions . This option is now the only real difference between bank and cash accounts. It should never be checked for cash accounts. If all bank transactions are imported, you will probably not want to check it, either. Pending and Cleared status will show for transactions in an account only if this box is checked.
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In principle there is no difference between cash and bank, but the point is there a bank account in USD currency for Bank X under the CASH AT BANK and for the same bank there is an account for local currency BUT under CASH ON HAND, it will be more appropriate if both account for the same bank shown under CASH AT BANK group.
thank you for taking time answering me…

You can use the Batch update feature in Receipts and Payments to change the entries to a different cash or bank account. Copy the UID in the top right corner of the Bank and Cash accounts (very hard to see!) and use it to change the current UID present in the ReceivedIn column (column G), then copy the line(s) and paste them in the Batch update entry field.

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@Haitham_FALEH, I understand that you want both accounts to appear under the same group, “Cash at bank”, right?

However, your software is not up to date. Update Manager and you will find that the groups “Cash at bank” and “Cash on hand” no longer exist. There is a new tab called “Bank and Cash Accounts”. Both the USD account and the local currency account will show together in the new tab.

And after you update you can edit the local currency account to check the “Can have pending transactions” box if you wish.

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