Sales Figures don't match between P&L Statement and General Ledger Summary

My Sales Figures don’t match between P&L Statement and General Ledger Summary. Also neither match the figures lodged in my BAS. Are there general reasons why these differences in Sales figures are appearing in Manager?. I’m comparing exact same periods (last financial year) and using Cash Basis Reporting in each case. Thanks ahead for any assistance.

Are you using the same date parameters for all ?

Have you compared the transactions between the Tax Transaction Report and the General Ledger Report ?

How did you manage to do that? General Ledger Summary report cannot be shown on cash-basis.

As for the BAS, it is not meant to “match” with P&L report. It is a report on its own. Not all income is reported on BAS and not every GST sale must be shown on P&L (think of selling an asset - it’s a sale subject to GST but it’s not shown on P&L as such).

To ensure your BAS figures are accurate, you should always check Tax Audit report to ensure correct tax codes have been selected on all transactions where applicable.

Great response mate - thanks for that. Once I did what you suggested, it became obvious that the extra page of sales transactions in my General Ledger Report as compared with my P&L Report were due to the P&L Report being on Cash Basis, whereas the General Ledger Report was not (and cannot be for reasons now obvious to me). Best regards, Brendan.

Thanks heaps Lubos for your response, I am straight with this now and there are no issues. Thanks for your fine software and your support to it and users like me.