Overpaid invoice refunded back to client


I have had an invoice paid twice i.e. invoice was for 75.00 but paid twice, so now shows as -75.00 (overpaid).

I have now sent the funds back to the client. How can I correctly reflect this in manager so that the overpaid amount deducts from the invoice.

(I would be inclined to show the expense as spend money and reflect this way but this doesn’t reduce the overpaid amount on the invoice)

Proper treatment of lost refund check for duplicate payment on invoice

Actually it’s better if you upgrade to the latest version which is automatically allocating any overpayments on invoices to customer credit account.

So if customer has paid twice, the second $75.00 charge will be automatically moved to credit account so refunding him means you should just allocate the payment to Customer credits


Also, if when you upgrade I recommend to review how to receive money from customer since it is no longer required to match to specific invoice (Manager can do it for you), see


i have upgraded to latest version. When I have logged in, I have noticed that the 75.00 has been credited to another invoice for the same client. This is not correct. I need to reflect a payment out for the 75.00 and then remove the credit from the new invoice where it has automatically deducted. This is a real estate agent and the properties are not related so I cannot use the overpayment to credit another invoice.


You said you have refunded the client so just record record this refund as payment out of your bank account and allocate the payment to Customer credits account. See

Once you do that, have a look at your list of invoices. $75 should be automatically deallocated from that next invoice.


i followed the instructions. went to bank accounts > spend money, completed details and from accounts show customer credits and then chose customer and put in the amount of 75.00. The invoice that has been incorrectly credited previously (after the upgrade) still shows 75.00 paid. This client is a real estate office and there is many different properties that the invoices relate to so it cannnot just deduct off the same customers outstanding invoices. What can I do about this 75.00 credit still appearing against this invoice.


What is the date of the refund and what’s the issue date of the next invoice to which credit has been allocated to?


date of original invoice where 2 amounts of $75.00 were credited: 27/11/14 (credited on 3/12 and 12/12)

Upgrade done as suggessted. then the 2nd credit had moved onto different invoice for same customer but different property.

date of refund: 17/12/14

date of the next invoice: 18/11/14 (due 2/12/14)


If the overpayment is not to be used against the next invoice or any future invoice, don’t allocate this overpayment to Accounts receivable at all.

Just create new liability account in your Chart of accounts called Customer overpayments and allocate the second $75 to this account. Then when refunding this customer, categorize this payment to customer again to the same account so the balance will come back to zero.


Cheers, that worked :slight_smile: