Proper treatment of lost refund check for duplicate payment on invoice

I have reviewed this old thread, and while helpful, it does not exactly fit my situation:

A customer paid an invoice twice, and both payments were deposited. They wanted a refund, not a credit against future invoices. I issued a check and posted it against accounts receivable for that customer.

The check was never deposited, and it is apparently lost. I want to cancel payment on it at the bank and void it. Then I need to reissue the check.

Is it appropriate for me to follow the approach of the referenced thread to create a new “customer overpayment” liability account, change the duplicate deposit from accounts receivable to customer overpayment, and then simply change the first refund transaction to the new check number and change its posting from customer’s accounts receivable to the new customer overpayment account?

As the cheque was never deposited, just re-bank (Receive Money) the cheque back to the Customers account - this will enable the original cheque to be matched off against in the bank reconciliation and then re-issue a new cheque via Spend Money