Order to Invoice

@lubos a few questions when comparing Sales Orders/Invoice and Purchase Order/Invoice

Firstly I notice the values shown in the SO ‘Amount fields are inc GST’ but the Invoiced field is exc GST, is there a reason?

Next is where there is a blank value in the Invoiced field, this is helpful to quickly identify orders which are not yet invoiced, but can there be an ‘Outstanding Orders’ button (filters all SO not invoiced) to get a quick list of these to analyse?

Lastly we don’t see the same Invoiced field for Purchase Orders, again this and/or an ‘Outstanding Orders’ button would be very helpful for identifying outstanding orders for analysis.

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I think I saw Lubos mention something somewhere about adding filters, which should definitely solve some of your concerns here.

Also it would be nice to have a visual status column besides (not in place of) the Invoiced column.

I also agree that the SO should be presented exclusive of GST.

Edit: Here is the post where the developer proposed filters as a solution to lack of search function in history.

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Show screen shots of the Edit screens for a related sales order and sales invoice. I think you have edited something during or after the copying process.

The status monitoring flow that was introduced for sales-related transactions does not exist for purchase-related transactions.