Option to show Location Info on Goods Receipt and Delivery Notes

Hi, I’m Henry. I’m new with MANAGER. I’ve been learning how to use the software.
I’ve tried to modified the theme to show the inventory location in Goods Received and Delivery Notes forms. I’ve tried to input InventoryLocation, and other variations such as InventoryLocations, etc. But no luck.

Could you help me, thanks.

I do not think that this field is exposed to the themes, so you can not print it even with a custom theme

One way would be to create a Custom Field for the Goods Received Note and duplicate the Inventory location each time you create a Goods Received Note

This will then print at the bottom of the Goods Received Note.

You could change the position by using a custom theme, if this does not suit
Move a custom field on transaction forms | Manager

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Thanks Joe91 for the reply. I did what you suggested. However with that workaround, I need to input the location info twice.

Unfortunately, that’s the only way you can show delivery location on printed documents. I wish there was an option to show this info by default

I’ve searched all the related questions in the forum. But I found none. No body has asked this before.
Hopefully the developer has the solution.

  1. I support this idea, it would be a good thing to have the option to show the Location/Branch/Shop items are delivered from or Delivered to on the Printouts.
    I have added it to ideas.

  2. Making the location show as a column would also be good. For Goods Receipt, the column could be named ‘Received In’. For the Delivery Notes, the column could be named ‘Delivered from’.

  3. Also, the Inventory Transfers tab does not display “Transferred from” and “Received in” information for inventory transferred like what we have for Inter Account transfers (see inserted picture below)

Adding the location information as columns would make this module consistent with Inter Account transfer which shows “Paid from” and “Received in” as columns.

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Thank you guys, I look forward to the update.Stay safe and have a nice day.

Added to the latest version (21.11.71). It also adds inventory location column to both tabs if applicable.

@lubos looks like the supplier is being mistaken for the location in 21.11.72