Option for "Hide ITEM CODE in Printed Document" in Sale Invoice

Hello! Good day to you all.
It’s my cordial suggestion to MANAGER team that, please add an option “Hide ITEM CODE in Printed Document” in the Sale Invoice. As it looks haphazard when ITEM COLUMN shows the Item Code with Item Name in the Sale Invoices.

Best regards,
Prasun De Raju

Just tick
and enter a description (or enter it in Inventory Items > Inventory Item > Autofill — Line description to autofill it).


Sir, thanks for your suggestion, but i want to hide the ITEM CODE.

It’s no suggestion. It’s how you hide the item code on the invoice. Have you tried?


Dear @Mark
seems your method does not solve @Prasun request

Edit screen of invoice

created invoice

Printed invoice

You are right. Something must have changed. I guess the only possibility is to not enter an item code on the Inventory items page or tick the option there to not repeat the description.

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