Option (check box) to select OR deselect Business logo within userlevel

Can we have an option to have ( or to not have ) the business logo.
i know this can be removed or added in the Admin level and applies to all users. But what i look for an option within invoices. ( An option similar to custom title in invoices )

This is to enable printing documents as it may require (1) soft copy with logo saved within the system and (2) print on preprinted stationary - where the logo is already available in the stationary).
This option will also enable to chose printing with logos of different brands.

You can do this with custom themes. Just take out the one line mentioning the business logo. Instead of checking a box, you would select the theme without logo in a dropdown list.

Custom themes also allow different brands, but you must code the logo into the theme in place of the line of code that calls the one from Business Logo.