Opening balances don't appear


I’ve been testing one company and notice wrong behaviour of the program.

  1. I’ve setup company - chart of accounts, opening balances and start date.

  2. I print balance sheet - opening balances are in place.

  3. Removing start date - opening balances gone from Balance sheet report.

  4. Putting start date back - opening balances still gone

  5. Going back to COA to setup opening balance figures again, but they all are in place:

  6. Press Update, opening balances start to appear on Balance sheet one by one:

I don’t think it is normal behaviour and opening balances should reappear immediately after restoring Start date. This can be reproduced, did that twice.
Manager version 21.7.53


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Can you explain your Step 6 in more detail? Which Update are you referring to? The Update for the account definition form? The Update for the Balance Sheet report? Update for the Start Date in Settings? Or something else? And when you say the balances appear one by one, are you clicking the same Update button repeatedly? Or are you clicking Update for each individual account?

Update of opening balance is Chart of accounts, see picture in Step 5.

Yes, this one. Only those starting balances start to appear on Balance sheet, for which I’ve pressed Update button in Chart of accounts. I didn’t reenter any figures, just pressed Update.

Thank you, @Solnce. What is happening when you remove and recreate the start date is that the program is treating the balance sheet accounts as if their starting balances are newly entered. In a way, that is logical. But I do not know if it is intended. I will put this topic into bugs for @lubos to evaluate. Whether he will change anything or considers this behavior correct I cannot predict.

Remember that the start date is intended to be set only once, not to be removed and recreated on a regular basis.

Fixed in the latest version (21.8.24)