Open Banking Feature

UK banks will shortly enable Open Banking which will enable them to receive an instruction to send bank account updates (Debits and Credits) directly to a customer’s accounting system in real time. Does Manager have plans to introduce the facility to receive such bank feeds, particularly for the Desktop version, and if so, when?
Thank you.

The desktop edition runs without internet access, so I do not expect that will happen. Manager is an accounting program that records transactions. It is not a banking program that executes them. All such systems I know about are implemented by software of the bank.


I think @Westrop is referring to the ability to receive Bank statements directly from the Bank and match for reconciliation purposes with the Bank transaction ledger in Manager. Some other popular accounting softwares are already implementing it.
The only feature close to such currently in Manager is the Import Bank statement option where the user can export the Bank statement received from his bank to a CSV format and import in Manager format, apply custom rules etc.
If likely such would occur in Manager, it most likely will start from the Cloud or Server version as the Desktop version does not communicate over the Internet neither does it have login functionality inbuilt.

I assume you are referring to this Open banking which enables initiating financial transactions from within applications.
Looking at the list of current providers I, would be surprised it Manager provided support in the short term. Although similar functionality is provided by other account packages.

For bank statements Manager imports them, however csv is the least standard so most unreliable (so choose another file format if that is available).

Many thanks to all respondents. I will stick with the present system which works well for me.