Online Logging Out

Could there be added an indication that the online version has logged out. Sometimes I add a few lines in a notes field and then have to do it again after the prog wants to log in

Are you sharing your username & password with other people? Each person should have their own username. Otherwise you will keep logging each other out.

No, just one account and one user at present. Maybe it’s the browsers (chrome) security certificate timing out anyway. I get the same thing when using NSW Government AIS login for rego checks using IE, and so may be unavoidable. I can deal with it, but when I go back to work to use it in real time, I will have fun training the missus and my mechanic. But whats life without some fun…

Oh sorry, I see. It only times out if I don’t use it for a while. It behaves fine when being used

You might have some software installed which is periodically clearing cookies. This would explain why you see the same problem on other sites too. How about you try different computer? (just to isolate the problem)

might try firefox. thanks Lubos,

I will give a thumbs up for Firefox :grinning: Cannot go wrong with Firefox. I have used it for years and will never go back to IE and I hated Chrome.

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Just as an update… reloaded windows and now all OK