One more Report Please (POS)

Every shop, business need to create one Daily report of sales, purchase, expenses, other income at End of the day.
Can we generate that form current reports? If possible How to generate that?

if not possible please add this on report tab.

Any report can be defined for whatever date or period of time you want, as applicable.

“One click daily report” is not the best solution?

I suspect you want to create a report with date ranges relative to today’s date as suggested here Datepicker Defaults - Feature Request - #2 by Patch

Not that. I am talking about a daily summery report.
sales invoice #1 6000
sales invoice #2 30000

purchase invoice #1 50000


other income


If you use the existing reporting facility with a date range of 1 day, surely you could generate something similar to that.

Thanks @Tut and @Patch i have found a report that match my requirement.
Payment & receipt report can do this for me. :slight_smile:
How to close this topics.

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