Is there a way to get recurring reports based on interval or other criteria

Appreciate if there is an option to generate recurring reports based on predefined parameters…

No. Each report must be separately defined.

Just wondering if there is possibility to add this feature to respective report, so users can chose the recurring option for that particular report.

Nothing in Manager is created automatically. Even recurring transactions require user action. The program only reminds you it’s time to create them. It’s easier to clone.

True, I missed that intervention point.

I suspect what you want is to create a report for a date period relative to today’s date. The way whenever you looked at the report it be current (eg this quarter, last quarter, comparing last 4 weeks etc).

To support that you need to be able to specify relative dates as described Datepicker Defaults - Feature Request - #2 by Patch

yes, based on date period. Thanks for the suggestion i will check that.