One click credit card payment

Like I said in topic. Add single button that make payment with credit card easyer. Bills paid this way will be put under pending withdrawals under same day that bill is made.
Why i ask? My company buy a lot with a credit card tied to a bank acc which we use for such payments.Upon payment it takes anywhere from 2-5 days for card transaction to be processed. Money will be put under pending tab. And only then processed it show on bank statment.
This will make me save lot of time(and for everybody elese who has card payment)…

What you describe, a “credit card tied to a bank acc,” is not a credit card but a debit card. From an accounting perspective, a debit card is like a non-credit payment by cheque. It creates no liability the way a credit card purchase does. You still need to enter all the same information. But you select the bank account the debit card is tied to rather than a separate credit card account. If this is your most frequent method of payment, you can set the status to Pending rather than Cleared under Form Defaults.

Thank you Tut
My point wasnt about complete system of credit card. I see now that it can be set to pending under settings. Howewer my point is “one click payment penidng”.
If I eneter a bill payed by card (visa busses btw.) wich is represented by bank account b, by one click paymet is automaticly payed on date wich is bill issued and put on pending withdrawls on same bank account on same date as bill.
I hope this clarifies my question

I am sorry, but your last post does not clarify your question for me. You seem nows to want both automatic Pending and Cleared status for card transactions. It is one or the other. And if Pending, Manager never takes automatic action to change a transaction.