Numeric Figures are not Recognised

Dear Team:

for some Chart Reports we import data to spreadsheets, but Numeric Figures are not Recognized and unable to have SUM and also can not Filter them.

this is a function of your spreadsheet program. change the format to numbers for the column.

@sharpdrivetek all ready checked. not working, spreadsheet is working properly.

then you will need to explain in detail the exact reports you are having trouble with.
also, post screenshots to understand better.

Just Copy to Clip Board all DATA on Spreadsheet


like i already said this is an issue with your spreadsheet program.
i checked the same report and i do not find any such issues in my MS Excel program.

make sure your system uses the same number format you have set in Manager.

also, the Sales Invoice Totals by Customer report already displays the total at the bottom in Manager. so why are you copying it to a spreadsheet to calculate the total?

The numbers are being imported into the spreadsheet as text not numbers.

If you try and do local calculation or format the cells as a number, the numbers will probably show with a proceeding quote mark indicating they are stored as text not as a number.

Note also the numbers are not aligning right.

When the quote mark is showing you can delete it to convert the cell to a number.

Or more efficiently you can use a spreadsheet function to convert the text to a number. See Copy and paste - #4 by Patch

To get more precise help, you should say

  1. What version of Manager you are using
  2. What language you are using
  3. What number format you are using in Manager
  4. Operating systems you are using
  5. What your region number format is
  6. What spreadsheet program you are using
  7. What number format is the default in the spreadsheet program








after this i hope my problem will solve.

@Patch thanks for your reply. :+1:

I am using Manager 21.9.23 Desktop
Windows 10

When I use the Copy to Clipboard and Paste into Excel I get

So it works perfectly for me. Must be something in you spreadsheet setup ?

@Joe91 i am on Cloud

Even Excel is Showing me Count only

because that is what your excel is configured to show. right click the status bar and enable Sum to display totals of selected cells.

as another user also has confirmed they are not experiencing any issues, it is now clear that the issue is not with Manager but with how you have configured your OS and spreadsheet program. google various resources available on the internet related to your OS and spreadsheet program for help on configuring them.

See this thread


This thread may also be of assistance, especially the posts about system regional settings.

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