Number format in inventory batch crfeate - bug or needs guide update?

I’m switching from another accounting program to manager. I had about 300 items that needed to be added so I used the Batch Create option. After it was done, a quick scroll showed that the items were indeed there but the starting balance total was some $60,000 less than it should have been!
Upon further examination, it appears that any item with a cost of more than 999.99 (i.e. a number that added a comma in the field like 1,000.00) populated the item itself properly but added no cost for the item. My accounting program is set up to use numbers in this way so that’s what it sent to Excel.
I’ve looked through the Guides - both in the Inventory sections and in the Batch Create and did not see anything discussing the necessity of leaving out any commas in numbers (although .00 seemed to be okay).
Is this a bug or can you update the Guide to warn people about this when using Batch Create. None of the current examples show anything with high values.

The important thing is to be sure you are importing numbers in your spreadsheet, not text. No matter how you display a number in Excel, for example, it shows without commas in the actual cell content if it is truly a number. This sounds like a spreadsheet formatting issue.