Nssm Install Manager as a service

I don’t know how to get this NSSM thing working for my server, can you help me please? I can’t do anything with it. The instructions on the server usage page by Lubos is not detailed at all, can you help me?

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if you are trying to run the Manager service automatically on boot in Windows, you can either add it to the Startup programs or you can use the default task scheduler available.

see Part 2 of the below topic.

in step 6, select the Manager program.

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I have been able to install Manager Server as a service easily using NSSM now.

I guess i have to upgrade my computer skills.


Follow this steps (For the non technical Users)

  1. After Downloading the NSSM file, extract the content.




  1. Check your system if it a 32 bit or 64 bit

  2. Enter the appropriate folder and locate the nssm.exe file


  1. Start a command prompt in that folder. Simply hold down the Shift key and right-click a blank place in the folder. The context menu will contain an entry, 'Open command window here.” (I am using windows 8.1)

You can also hold shift and right click on the folder (In my case it will be win64 folder)

A command prompt will open pointing to the folder

  1. enter nssm install ManagerServer

The nssm interface will open for you to set Manager server as a service.Browse to the ManagerServer.exe in the path fields. (It should be easy)


I tried twice before it worked (because of administrator access)

I leave the rest of the hustle (settings) for you.

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abeiku maybe twice because of UAC?

What is UAC ?

Can someone please provide download link for NSSM ?
above link is giving error : 503 service unavailable


I think your ISP or DNS service provider block the site?


worked for me