Installing server edition

I tried using NSSM to automatically run installed Manager Server Edition on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard and it is not running. Help me please

Try the following.

NSSM Did not work most probably UAC pop up problem. I have my own way of doing things without using NSSM, using startup folder, activate hidden administrator account and a script to run as admin. So I don’t have to interact to allow the program run as admin.

How much of the relevant section of the server installation guide did you get through?

Did NSSM give you the “service installed successfully message?” If it didn’t, it could be that the path you supplied for ManagerServer.exe wasn’t correct. Note that you need to supply the full path to the executable; just going into that directory and running the nssm command won’t be enough.

You should also set the runtime parameters in the command line (to, for example, set the data path and HTTP port).

Did you then follow up with nssm start servicename?

Once you get the service to start successfully from the command line using the “nssm start” command, you’ll want to go to services.msc and set the service to start automatically at boot. I’d suggest setting it to “Automatic (Delayed Start).”

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Thanks for that .

I’ll try this and advise you if its successful.


Thanks so much.

I’ll try this method and advise you accordingly



Read here

you may need to install the service twice .