Notes on Purchase Invoices

When i produce a purchase invoice i can make internal notes in block at bottom, however i would like to make a note that appears on the actual purchase invoice to print or view, what is the simple way to do this?

Use a custom field. Designate it to show on printed documents. Choose the paragraph style, with three size options. See below:

Ok thanks Tut, i will use for now see if i can work around that solution…cheers

Hi Tut, just playing with options based on your suggestion, if I choose Image style, how do i select an image, it does not allow me an option of browse etc.

This is not trivial. You do it with HTML. See the discussions in this release note thread:

If it makes no sense to you, you should either hire an HTML programmer or forget the desire. I’ve never actually done it myself.

based on that i already forgot the issue…ta