Notes coming above custom field

So when i move the custom field html code to up in the html editor the ‘Notes’ field also comes along… however, i want it to be down in the page , right below the total.

Any way to fix this?

Here is sample invoice:
invoice.pdf (10.7 KB)

This happens because the Notes field, while appearing separately on entry screens, is actually handled as a custom field. Within that group, it is first among equals, so it appears first in order. To change this, you would need new conditional code in the header to intervene as Manager cycles through the custom fields. And you would need to put more code after the body to do the reverse there.

But maybe that’s unnecessary. Your invoice shows you have no business details, or even a business name, entered under settings. Those items appear to the right of the invoice date and number, if present. You can put whatever you want into the business details fields under Settings, including HTML. That could be a much simpler solution.

Btw, my company details are in the footer. And those fields are not related to my company details… We are doing business in the logistics industry… where container number (CNTR), D/O Number…etc are required by the customer.

i am very new to html coding… can you give me an example code for only that part?

Thanks for the info.

Ah, sorry, didn’t notice that. I spend too much time writing guides that use the default theme. A lot of users want banking details to show. That kind of info can logically go in the business details. Obviously, your fields can’t.

Sorry, again, I know only enough to see what’s feasible. I’m no code monkey either. I’d probably get it wrong.

I had the same requirement and the code needed is in this topic - [16.11.1] Added new themes for invoices, quotes, orders, receipts etc

Scan through to some of the examples Lubos was kind enough to give.

Thanks. I will look into it. :slight_smile: