Non Moving Inventory

**How to find Non Moving Inventory from reports,Non moving mean like without any sales from purchase date ( 30 or 60 days without any sales ) and low sales inventory

Inventory Quantity Movement report can be created for a defined sales period. It will be in alphabetical order by item code (if any) and item name. If you want to sort numerically, export the report and import it to a spreadsheet.

It will help to find only the closing stock, but May i know the list of
Slow Moving, Fast Moving inventory & also for ageing of materials.

From information on the Inventory Quantity Movement report, especially if combined with information on the Inventory Value Movement report, you can calculate net movement, turnover ratios, inventory velocity, day’s sales in inventory, or other technical parameters as you wish.

Manager, like most accounting systems, has no capability for tracking aging of specific inventory materials unless you enter different lots as different items. It assumes all stock held under an inventory item is identical and interchangeable. If you need to monitor age of specific items, a range of warehouse management techniques can be employed independently.

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