Non-inventory Items and Inventory Kits Idea

I think that these should be moved to the tabs on the LHS of Manager as they are entries in the exact same way that inventory items is. They are not really settings. To me the settings area should be for program settings, not managing frequently purchased/sold goods etc. Just a suggestion.

The left navigation pane is for accounting functionality. Tabs like Inventory Items involve control accounts (the inventory items are subaccounts). Non-inventory items and kits are simply shortcuts; they add no functionality to Manager.

Yes your point is technically correct, but thats not really the point.

Non-inventory items and kits don’t belong in settings either which is where you expect to find program settings.

Secondly, if you use Non-inventory items a lot, you have to go into settings, then into non inventory items unlike inventory items where its readily available on the lhs.

Maybe a better solution would be to have the LHS as is - for control accounts, the settings tab for actual program settings and and at the top where the Business Name and Backup is have Program Shortcuts such as non inventory items, inventory kits or have a shortcut button there and within that have all the program shortcuts, like recurring invoices etc. They don’t belong in the settings tab.