Non-capital expense GST showing on G10 (Capital Purchases)

Hi… Thank you for all your support on the forum. It is a great source of info. Since I upgraded to version 19.2.62, I bumped into a reporting issue. I am including two screenshots to better explain the issue. I recorded 3 entries, 1 sale and 2 expense claims of which are recorded 1 under entertainment and the other under Motor Vehicle expense (Fuel). Both expenses are non-capital purchases.
The sale is shown correctly on the BAS Statement, but the expenses are showing as $20 on G11 and the $2 GST on G10. Shouldn’t all expense of $22 (GST included) be showing on G11?
Previous to the upgrade these entries all went under G11 as they should. Do I need to record these expenses different to how I did in the previous versions?
Thank you for help…

You need to show the edit screen of the transactions

Thanks Joe91.

I have just tested those transactions in a test Australian company and the GST report is correct.
I am using version 19.2.84

Might I suggest you upgrade to the latest version and have another look

See here

As Joe91 stated, you need to update

thank you for the update… Updated with latest version and fixed the issue, but created another… in Q3 I recorded some fixed assets. They no longer show on G10 now…

There’s a new Tax code for CAPEX expenditures

All good now!! Thank you so much for your help… It is easier this way…