BAS G10 figure replicated at G20 with latest update

Hi, I’ve been reading through all the forum questions regarding how Manager comes up with the figure for G10 on the GST Calculation worksheet and tearing my hair out trying to work out why I have a number in this field and where it has come from. I have a couple of businesses using Manager on my computer and I updated recently to the latest version 19.2.58.

I have found that in both businesses, all BAS GST Calculation Worksheets have suddenly changed the values at G10 (usually zero) to match the amount at G20. I’ve attached a screen grab of a BAS worksheet that I previously saved (showing zero at G10), and the same worksheet in Manager. This is the same for all previous BAS worksheets for both businesses.

I’ve also had this warning pop up a couple of times now too.

Is there something that I’ve done wrong??? TIA

G10 is for capital purchases or asset purchases such as motor vehicles, furniture, equipment, commercial properties, etc. If you didn’t make any capital purchases the zero under G10 is correct.

Thanks Tony. Yes, zero is correct, however since I’ve updated Manager it has automatically inputted the the figure shown at G20 into G10 on all my BAS worksheets, which is clearly wrong. Not sure why this is happening and how to fix it?

Have you entered a payment of the tax owing of the $547 to the tax department dated within the period of the report and used tax code other than “No Tax”? If so, this will affect the report in the manner you have described.

No, I haven’t entered any payment to the tax department during this period. I’ve checked that other tax payments outside of this period use the tax code ‘No Tax’.

Next step would be to check the “Tax Audit” report, for the period, and check the amounts next to the balance sheet accounts as these contribute to G10.

I’ve gone through the Tax Audit report and drilled down but can’t find any figures that account for the amount.

My apologies. I have re-checked mine again and I can reproduce what you describe.

Are you seeing the same thing in your BAS worksheets?

Hmm, strange that it’s happening to both of the businesses I have setup with Manager.

Here’s a copy of a section of the the BAS Calculation Worksheet that I exported previously for a different business:

And here’s the same report since upgrading Manager. I haven’t changed anything or even hit ‘update’ and this is what it’s showing at G10, mirroring G20:

I’m so confused.

Just checked my calculation sheet and I now have a figure at G10??
Will check into it further and post.

Edit: The figure at G20 is being put into G10 as well in 19.2.54. Now also 19.2.62.

Relying on @AJD’s example, I will put this into the bugs category.

Thanks for the replies. Good to know it’s not just me. All other fields seems to be working normally.

Fixed in the latest version (19.2.64)

Also, the latest version is adding tax code GST 10% (Capex) for the purpose of reporting under G10.

I think that’s probably cleaner and more straightforward solution.

Hi Lubos
I just upgraded from version 18.10.65 to 19.2.66
I did have a figure in G10 - correct as it is capital expenditure. With new version this amount is now included in G11 and not shown in G10.
This is not really a problem for me to submit BAS as (in Australia) doing BAS online you only need to enter the figure at G20 for purchases. It may be important for others.

Perhaps, you need to change the tax code on the capital expenditure item from “GST 10%” to “GST 10% (Capex)”, as it appears that all “GST 10%” coded items now only go to G11.