G10 on BAS

Can anyone shed some light on how I classify certain expense/asset accounts as Capital Purchases (G10) on the BAS?

At the moment it appears anytime you select the regular 10% GST Code it adds everything to G11 (Non-Capital)

I know nothing about the tax reporting scheme you are referencing. But capital purchases should be handled under the Fixed Assets tab. Capital investments are not expenses. The expense comes when you recover the investment through depreciation, for which you do need an expense account.

Manager will automatically detect whether it’s capital or non-capital purchase based on the account you are using with tax code.

For example, if you are using regular expense account with GST 10%, it will be non-capital purchase. If you are using asset account (e.g. fixed assets) with GST 10% tax code, it will be capital purchase.


I did this as follows:

  1. Enter ‘Spend Money’ Transaction through bank and select ‘Fixed Asset’:

  1. After generating a report for the period including the 10th May - the Calculation worksheet still shows $0

Also, are fixed asset transactions the only ones that count towards G10?

To enter a transaction in Fixed Assets, you must actually create the fixed asset first. Then you will be able to choose it in the dropdown box to the right of the Account box. The individual assets are subaccounts of the Fixed Assets control account. As you have done things, I believe you will find your new asset in the Suspense account, because you have not told Manager what it applies to.

What is the Suspense Account?

If you are purchasing fixed asset, you need to go to Fixed Assets tab to create the fixed asset.

When you create fixed asset, it will have book value of $0 but don’t worry. Go to the (spend money) transaction which is purchasing fixed asset and select the specific asset you have purchased for $500 from dropdown menu.

Then check your BAS again. You will see your $500 under G10.